Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our first Christmas tree!

When I was growing up we never had a real tree, we always had a fake one, which is fine..until I recently experienced the awesomeness which comes with having a real tree! Alex, Wendy, and I went to some tree farm this weekend and it was an awesome adventure. First, they make you get on this truck and they drive you to a remote location to cut down some trees. You get off the truck, obtain your weapon of choice (a saw) and find the tree. We walked into a sea of trees, which one should we choose? It was like a beauty pageant, for trees! The first tree we found we ended up cutting down, after running around and trying to compare other ones. We brought it to this machine where they shake it and turn it into a cone, then back onto the truck to go home! It was a fun adventure. There were tons of families, and many people brought their dogs, it made me wish we had a puppy.


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  2. What a great photo, love the storey about your tree !
    You have a great blog too:)

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    H&C from Amsterdam