Sunday, October 30, 2011


This weekend has passed by quickly. Friday morning before work I made Alex a little breakfast, he loves my cinnamon pancakes from time-to-time so I made him some sweet cinnamon pancakes complimented with bitter coffee which he loves.
Yummy! As for me, I can barely stomach something like this, I love the taste but my stomach despises it! We had some Halloween festivities, I decided to go as Justin Bieber, I had a purple hoodie but decided to take it off for this photo op:
Today we had a family get together and it was a little bit of a drive, but totally worth it. :). On the way back home we decided to stop by one of our favorite Japanese stores to pick up some food/memories. I had to grab my favorite Japanese drink, C.C. Lemon!! I remember the first time I had it, it was 104 F outside, around noon time, and we had been walking through the humid, colorful, alley-ways of Kyoto. At first, I was skeptical from the packaging, mainly because when you're in a foreign country you never know WHAT something is going to taste like. I opened up a bottle and the first sip I had I fell madly in love. Sadly, it's $3 a bottle in the U.S., and very rare to come by.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ah I also forgot.

I forgot to add that we will be going to...DRUM ROLL PLEASE....*~*~*~



seriously, stop.


also, I want this. Someone please get it for me.
what a gorgeous belt.

be a mentor

So far this week has been fun, yesterday I made almost 50 cupcakes for this Harvest Festival our small group was volunteering at. Today I worked, and came home to Ben and Alex sitting in front of the television playing video games like high school boys. It was fun to watch them interact and give direction during the video game to see who would live longer. I always get excited for Thursday because that's when we spend time with our growth group. I love our growth group!! We are all so diverse in personality yet we all compliment each other. We have been with the group for a year, and it's been fun getting to know them and watch different phases of our life. They all watched our process of going through pre-marital counseling, and getting ready for the wedding. Now the leaders of our growth group are having a baby! Anyway, this Thursday we decided to volunteer at an elementary school. We were in charge of the doughnut dangling dash, doughnuts were suspended from ribbons, hanging over the kids heads while they raced to finish the doughnuts, the one rule--they couldn't use their hands-- DUN.DUN.DUN.
Setting up ze doughnuts. Here are a couple pictures within the last couple days.

One of the reasons why I love fall. Yummy!
Romaine, Red Onion, Tomato, Shaved Carrots and Zuccini (yes, I know), Avacado, Pepper, topped with a little poppy-seed and Italian dressing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Date Night!

Yesterday was a fun day. Usually on Tuesdays Alex has class in the morning and we don't see each other until 10 p.m. at night, so Alex decided to skip class (which is EXTREMELY rare) and cuddle with me. I left for work on a good note, missing Alex and being so thankful the entire day. He texts me around 4:00 asking me to save my appetite because he made dinner for me. Alex told me he had to work at 5:00, and I would be coming home at 6:00 so I would just miss him. On my way home from work I get a text from Alex, "Did you see your dinner yet?!" I replied that I was almost home. I was sort of bummed I was going to be eating dinner alone, even though Alex did cook it for me, so I slowly climbed the stairs that lead to our apartment dreading the lonely night ahead. I open the door and I find this:
He was sitting on the couch, holding a single rose. HENCE THE PICTURE. He cleaned the whole house for me!! It was so cute. And yes, he cleaned like a woman would, not a man, so it actually looked really good. I cried haha. Alex then told me he didn't actually cook dinner, but we were going to go out, then go see a movie I've been wanting to see for a month now (Courageous). Then he brought out a J.Crew box and a cute coat he bought me!
I love this light little coat! oh, the jeans are Bebe, I wear them all the time, and I got the boots from Marshalls. This outfit would have been perfect with lots of accessories. Alex took me out to dinner here:
It was cute! We had a lot of fun! Then we made our way over to the movie theaters. We sat down in an empty theater, which wasn't surprising at all. Slowly, four more groups of a couple people trickled in and made their way to seats scattered about. A group of Three people came in, and they sat right behind Alex and I. The movie was really sad, the main character had a 9 year old daughter, and she ends up dying. The lady behind us was hysterically crying every 10 minutes, it got to the point where I shot a smirk over to Alex, and he started laughing. Immediately I had to bite my lip, we both started laughing, and really hard. I couldn't look at him or I was going to cry from laughter. That basically sums up the best date night ever. Time to cuddle with my babe!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today is the day!

Wow, today was INTENSE, in a good way, of course! I am so drained right now, but in my head I was thinking, "MUST. BLOG. AND. WRITE. IN. DIARY" with a superhero voice-over, of course! Today was very important for me, I'm not going to give all the details about what my job entails, but I try to outreach to international students, and today I was a part of one the biggest events they have! It was an amazing and fun experience, I got to talk on a microphone in front of 140 people! It wasn't too bad, but I'm sort of proud of myself, not proud enough to stop typing and pat myself on the back though, hehe.

 Me with the Japan club president, P.R., and coordinator! It was Halloween themed, can you tell? :p. I love my bebe jeans, they are so comfortable! I decided today was a nice fall day so I wore my brown boots (from Marshalls!) and I wore a statement necklace from TJ Maxx. My hair I had a half dutch braid on the side, I learned how to achieve this through here:

Okay, I can't lie, I had A LOT of help learning how to braid from my sister(in-law, but more like SISTAH). One day I sat her down, and I told her I was unable to braid my own hair, and then we spent 4 hours trying to teach me how to braid. YAY!
I wanted to throw in a random picture of my Husband and I from the other day. I'm not wearing makeup here, sorry! haha. My husband has a huge influence in my life, and not just because he's my husband, wait, does that make sense? ;). He's half Japanese, and he is one of the main reasons I started to fall back in love with the Japanese language and culture. He took me to Japan and proposed to me on a mountain over looking the biggest fresh water lake in Japan, Lake Biwa! Quick batman, to the time machine!!
This was the day he asked me to marry him. July 27th, 2010! This picture was taken after Alex asked for my hand! I know this sounds extremely vain, but I kept praying to God that my mascara wouldn't run from crying, therefore, I wouldn't look that bad in pictures. My prayers were answered! This is the best I've ever looked in a picture after crying from joy! Here is another picture, but showing the view from where he asked me:
ahhh. Oh, if anyone wants to know my outfit, pants AND shirt both from American eagle, both around $10! I rolled the pants into Capris, and I'm wearing Vibrum shoes. Those shoes were the best investment for Japan, we scaled mountains, tread through the Japan sea, and ran through water falls, and if I didn't have those I would have been in trouble. Ahhh Japan, how I miss thee. Hopefully we shall reunite again soon and have more amazing adventures.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

cure for the common cold

The last couple of days sure have been interesting! We went to visit a Buddhist monastery that is in the area because Alex is taking a religions class and he had to write a last minute paper, of course. We sat down and had a conversation with a nice young man, who kept repeating himself, saying the main focus of what they believe is that there is no self, a.k.a. no soul. It lead me to a lot of thoughts and a lot of contradictions. He was very nice though! Of course, it was a great time for a photo-op!
This is my handsome husband!
I worked the next day, like I usually do, and I brought with me a nice little snack:
This was AMAZING. I loved the delicate pieces of Aloe floating around! Like the funky chair? Yeah, that's at the office! haha! I also liked my makeup that day so I decided to take a picture.

I decided to line my eyes with purple eyeshadow from Urban Decays Naked palette. I absolutely adore the Naked palette, lets just say I'm never going to buy another eye shadow ever again, well, hopefully. For some weird reason it is a law of the universe that every time I say that, I end up walking through the mall the next day and saying to myself, "OHHH, SPARKLY." as I am distracted by the MAC counter. My eyes are rather large, and to make them appear bigger I rarely line the water line, I line around my eyes, and on the bottom I only line half way. Lining the bottom half-way helps open my eyes up and not only makes them look larger, but more awake, very helpful for morning hours at the office!

Ah, so now it is the weekend. Unfortunately, my husband has a fever of 100.3 F! I'm going to make a slow-cooker stew for him for tomorrow, but as of now I had to find the quickest way to comfort him, and what is better than tea? NOTHING. He is half Japanese, and my family is from the U.K., so tea is something both our cultures frequently indulge in, but of course, I think my family's tea is better ;).
Of course, Totoro + Tea = CAN NEVER GO WRONG

Ah, yes, here he is. The mighty steed, come to save the day!
hehe, it's like the tea took off his coat and now he's naked. >.<
Just add H2O :)
the leaf top is so cute!
Bam! Ready! This picture is so comforting to me, it looks so warm and inviting, especially the white reflections on the surface of the tea. hmm. ^_^
Well, hopefully hubby feels better by tomorrow, if not, SEND IN MORE TEA!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mr. and Mrs.

     Welcome all! This blog will be updated as much as I can! Currently, I'm almost 2 months into my marriage with my lovely husband. I'm 24, and I study Dietetics and Japanese. My main interests are food, Japanese, combine the two and it is even more amazing, shopping, and makeup. I will occasionally post outfits of the day, some food that I enjoy, and random stuff here and there. Maybe I can post something where everyone can learn! A recipe, where to get a good deal, or makeup tips! As for my husband he will probably be pictured here and there, he studies Economics, Japanese, and Financial advising. I'm excited to start blogging.