Thursday, October 27, 2011

be a mentor

So far this week has been fun, yesterday I made almost 50 cupcakes for this Harvest Festival our small group was volunteering at. Today I worked, and came home to Ben and Alex sitting in front of the television playing video games like high school boys. It was fun to watch them interact and give direction during the video game to see who would live longer. I always get excited for Thursday because that's when we spend time with our growth group. I love our growth group!! We are all so diverse in personality yet we all compliment each other. We have been with the group for a year, and it's been fun getting to know them and watch different phases of our life. They all watched our process of going through pre-marital counseling, and getting ready for the wedding. Now the leaders of our growth group are having a baby! Anyway, this Thursday we decided to volunteer at an elementary school. We were in charge of the doughnut dangling dash, doughnuts were suspended from ribbons, hanging over the kids heads while they raced to finish the doughnuts, the one rule--they couldn't use their hands-- DUN.DUN.DUN.
Setting up ze doughnuts. Here are a couple pictures within the last couple days.

One of the reasons why I love fall. Yummy!
Romaine, Red Onion, Tomato, Shaved Carrots and Zuccini (yes, I know), Avacado, Pepper, topped with a little poppy-seed and Italian dressing.

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