Saturday, October 22, 2011

cure for the common cold

The last couple of days sure have been interesting! We went to visit a Buddhist monastery that is in the area because Alex is taking a religions class and he had to write a last minute paper, of course. We sat down and had a conversation with a nice young man, who kept repeating himself, saying the main focus of what they believe is that there is no self, a.k.a. no soul. It lead me to a lot of thoughts and a lot of contradictions. He was very nice though! Of course, it was a great time for a photo-op!
This is my handsome husband!
I worked the next day, like I usually do, and I brought with me a nice little snack:
This was AMAZING. I loved the delicate pieces of Aloe floating around! Like the funky chair? Yeah, that's at the office! haha! I also liked my makeup that day so I decided to take a picture.

I decided to line my eyes with purple eyeshadow from Urban Decays Naked palette. I absolutely adore the Naked palette, lets just say I'm never going to buy another eye shadow ever again, well, hopefully. For some weird reason it is a law of the universe that every time I say that, I end up walking through the mall the next day and saying to myself, "OHHH, SPARKLY." as I am distracted by the MAC counter. My eyes are rather large, and to make them appear bigger I rarely line the water line, I line around my eyes, and on the bottom I only line half way. Lining the bottom half-way helps open my eyes up and not only makes them look larger, but more awake, very helpful for morning hours at the office!

Ah, so now it is the weekend. Unfortunately, my husband has a fever of 100.3 F! I'm going to make a slow-cooker stew for him for tomorrow, but as of now I had to find the quickest way to comfort him, and what is better than tea? NOTHING. He is half Japanese, and my family is from the U.K., so tea is something both our cultures frequently indulge in, but of course, I think my family's tea is better ;).
Of course, Totoro + Tea = CAN NEVER GO WRONG

Ah, yes, here he is. The mighty steed, come to save the day!
hehe, it's like the tea took off his coat and now he's naked. >.<
Just add H2O :)
the leaf top is so cute!
Bam! Ready! This picture is so comforting to me, it looks so warm and inviting, especially the white reflections on the surface of the tea. hmm. ^_^
Well, hopefully hubby feels better by tomorrow, if not, SEND IN MORE TEA!


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  1. Nice pics and memories Little Mrs. Potter! Keep it up!