Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Date Night!

Yesterday was a fun day. Usually on Tuesdays Alex has class in the morning and we don't see each other until 10 p.m. at night, so Alex decided to skip class (which is EXTREMELY rare) and cuddle with me. I left for work on a good note, missing Alex and being so thankful the entire day. He texts me around 4:00 asking me to save my appetite because he made dinner for me. Alex told me he had to work at 5:00, and I would be coming home at 6:00 so I would just miss him. On my way home from work I get a text from Alex, "Did you see your dinner yet?!" I replied that I was almost home. I was sort of bummed I was going to be eating dinner alone, even though Alex did cook it for me, so I slowly climbed the stairs that lead to our apartment dreading the lonely night ahead. I open the door and I find this:
He was sitting on the couch, holding a single rose. HENCE THE PICTURE. He cleaned the whole house for me!! It was so cute. And yes, he cleaned like a woman would, not a man, so it actually looked really good. I cried haha. Alex then told me he didn't actually cook dinner, but we were going to go out, then go see a movie I've been wanting to see for a month now (Courageous). Then he brought out a J.Crew box and a cute coat he bought me!
I love this light little coat! oh, the jeans are Bebe, I wear them all the time, and I got the boots from Marshalls. This outfit would have been perfect with lots of accessories. Alex took me out to dinner here:
It was cute! We had a lot of fun! Then we made our way over to the movie theaters. We sat down in an empty theater, which wasn't surprising at all. Slowly, four more groups of a couple people trickled in and made their way to seats scattered about. A group of Three people came in, and they sat right behind Alex and I. The movie was really sad, the main character had a 9 year old daughter, and she ends up dying. The lady behind us was hysterically crying every 10 minutes, it got to the point where I shot a smirk over to Alex, and he started laughing. Immediately I had to bite my lip, we both started laughing, and really hard. I couldn't look at him or I was going to cry from laughter. That basically sums up the best date night ever. Time to cuddle with my babe!

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