Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas countdown!

YAY! Last night was amazing! It was the company Christmas party and it was so fun! I just danced my butt off, because I love dancing. If I ever get a chance to dance on a dance floor, I am on there for at LEAST an hour. I would say I probably danced for an hour last night. It was awesome because it wasn't just a regular DJ, he also had a violin which sounded beautiful. He would coordinate it with "top 40" songs, and make them almost elegant. I was able to wear this dress I've been wanting for FOREVER. It is actually this dress. I was really disappointed because even though I ordered a size 2 petite, it was still sort of big on me, and didn't compliment my body as well as I imagined it would. I still had fun either way, and who knows if we will be here for next years Christmas party, but if we are, we better win the prize package. Mwuahah. This year the prize was a 4 night/day all inclusive cruise! Okay, here are pictures!

Ze husband and I.

sort of full size of the dress.

The gorgeous Mink coat from Alexs grandmother <3.

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