Wednesday, November 30, 2011

first snow

Last night we had our first snow (okay, our first snowfall that actually kept through the night!). It is GORGEOUS!

If I'm not driving in the snow, I'm happy. I just hate driving in the stuff, it's like mass thinking, everyone goes crazy and suddenly doesn't know how to drive! AH. Anyway, last night after work Alex and I ran around to the various Asian Bazaars so we could make some Nabe. Which is just water flavored with Dashi, and some giant seaweed thing which reminded me of the organic fruit roll ups my mother use to shove in my "lunch sack" when I was little *gag*, there is also asian cabbage, sprouts, mushrooms, tofu, and of course, UDON! We ate it with rice, and it was so warm and amazing on a cold night.

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