Saturday, November 12, 2011

busy busy bee

I haven't updated in a couple days, and a lot has happened since then. Yesterday I went to a big mall an hour away from where I live, then I went to a prayer rally with my husband and my sister in law. I love my sister in law, she's basically my sister. After that, we watched Puss n' boots with my parents in their area, and spent the night at my parents house because it is a little bit of a drive. I was exhausted this morning! After going on a cleaning spree kick, I became too hyper listening to Selena Gomez and Michael Buble, so now I am trying to wind down before a bon fire tonight! Here are some pictures from this weekend.
This is the outfit I bought from H&M, I adore wide-leg high waist pants, so I decided why not. FYI I'm only 5'4 so I'm pretty short.

some cupcakes we wanted, but made a group decision not to get them because we didn't need anymore sugar for the day. I'm totally regretting that decision.

Some yummy spicy salmon, and udon with shrimp tempura!! There is a place an hour away from us which has the highest Japanese population in Michigan, and we make a trip out there once a month because it is the closest thing we can come to Japan in the U.S.

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